Dusting Tips

  • Lift objects with one hand then dust with the other. Place an old clean cotton tube sock over your dusting hand and lightly dampen it with your cleaner. People with arthritis or hand dexterity problems find it helpful to wear a rubber glove on one hand giving them a better grasp on objects.
  • Spray a lint free towel with the window cleaning solution and toss that over one shoulder to clean any glass inlaid tables or cabinets.
  • Begin dusting from either the right or the left and work your way around the room dusting window sills and wall hangings as you come to them.
  • For homes with pets, tuck a clean pair of rubber gloves into your back pocket. When you come to couches or chairs with pet hair, use the gloves and work you hands in a circular motion moving over the furniture. Toss the rolled up lint onto the floor for the vacuum to pick up. Some people cover furniture with a body size bath towel to keep them clean from pet hair. Easy to launder, towels also save on furniture wear and tear.
  • As you dust move furniture towards the centre of the room to vacuum behind it.