Cleaning Services

Absolute Cleaning has the equipment necessary to clean factories and other areas such as carparks which are often the dirtiest but most neglected parts of your premises.

  • Office areas – dust, wipe, vacuum, emptying of bins
  • Kitchen/lunchroom – vacuum, mop, dust, wipe benches, sink, cupboards and all appliances. Fridge and oven cleaning on request
  • Toilet and changing rooms - vacuum floors, mop, dust, clean toilet bowls and seats, sanitise basins, door handles and taps.
  • Wipe down walls
  • Factory floor sweeping and scrubbing with a motorised machine
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Stripping and polishing vinyl as required
  • Carparks – sweeping and scrubbing

We follow best practices for different types of cleaning areas.

Office equipment sanitising

Office equipment hygiene services are especially beneficial at the turn of seasons when your staff are more prone to colds and other viruses that are easily spread throughout offices. A scheduled office sanitising service helps to minimise days lost through illness.

Office hygiene cleaning Services:

  • telephone sanitising
  • keyboard sanitising
  • office equipment sanitising

Features and benefits:

  • destroying harmful germs and bacteria
  • effective and efficient method
  • reducing cross-infection in your work place
  • cleaning during normal working hours
  • no charge demonstration available
  • obligation-free quote

Carpet Cleaning

Having your carpets cleaned is most important. The absorbent surfaces of carpet and upholstery act as a filter, trapping dust, dustmites, mould and pollen. A clean carpet is a healthy carpet, this is most important to asthma sufferers and folks with allergy issues. Our modern carpet cleaning equipment has superior extraction and the drying time is lessened to 2-4 hours depending on the season and type of carpet being cleaned. So now you can get your carpets cleaned in winter with out waiting for days for the carpet to dry. Our friendly efficient service is available at your home or business, Auckland wide. We are a quality driven company & you can expect the highest standard of service every time you need us.

Carpet is a long-term investment and requires a proper cleaning and maintenance programme to prolong its life and maintain its appearance. As well as carpet cleaning and stain removal we can assist with carpet repair, relaying and stretching.

Carpet Cleaning services:

  • stain removal treatment
  • hot water extraction
  • spot cleaning
  • dry foam cleaning
  • repair, relaying and stretching
  • flood recovery
  • fire damage recovery

Features and benefits:

  • technicians trained to international standards
  • compliance with New Zealand Health and Safety regulations
  • cleaning during or after work hours

Sweep & Scrub

This is the method used to service and maintain interior and exterior floors. This includes car parks, outside courtyards, large concrete areas, warehouse floors and workshop floors. Having these types of floors maintained with this method provides employee safety and of course maintains the appearance and life of the floor. This process also provides dust control in factory situations. Let Prestige come and assess your flooring requirements and we can put together a cleaning programme to suit your floor needs. Our friendly efficient service is available at your home or business, Auckland wide.

Vinyl Floor Maintenance

Even though your vinyl may be looking worn and dirty, in many cases you won't need to purchase new vinyl for your floors. We can strip and polish your vinyl and have it gleaming and looking like new.

By caring for your floor surfaces properly you can extend their life and ultimately save money

  • Strip and polish old vinyl
  • Maintain vinyl by regular buffing
  • Seal and polish new vinyl to prevent future damage – this is highly recommended even if your vinyl salesman has told you it isn't necessary
  • Lunchroom and kitchen vinyl floor maintenance
  • Toilet floors, halls and stairs

Asset Services

Keeping the outside of your business premises clean and tidy is most important, just as important as the inside, it is a reflection of your standards and creates a good image of your Company. Remember the saying “first impression’s last”. We offer window and water blasting services for single and multiple story buildings. This service is also available for private homes as well. Let Prestige come and put the spark back into your asset and give your home or office the face lift it deserves. Our friendly efficient service is available at your home or business, Auckland wide.

Window Cleaning

We have expertise in all areas of window cleaning and our window cleaning specialists are trained to operate in all industries from hospitals to factories and food outlets.

You will also have the comfort of knowing that our window cleaning team is fully compliant with health & safety regulations and that we use eco-friendly cleaning products and ensure waste water is properly disposed of by wet vacuuming.

As a property manager you know that a building that is kept clean and well-maintained will keep current tenants happy, attract new tenants when you need them, and minimise major repair work. So, if you are looking for a professional window cleaning team that you can rely on to keep your windows brilliantly clean and to spot potential issues before they become major expensive problems, please give us a call.

Window Cleaning Services:

  • blade cleaning for accessible interior/exterior windows
  • brush and hose cleaning for exterior to eight metres

Features and benefits:

  • high-level cleaning by trained personnel
  • we operate in all industries
  • cleaning during or after work hours