School Cleaning

We are proud of our portfolio of schools that we currently clean in many New Zealand cities. We have worked hard to develop our systems and we have established a reputable role in providing a high quality cleaning services to over 100 schools nationally.

Our contract cleaning services include full site management.  We take care of school hygiene and presentation requirements without the headaches of supervision or the Employment Relations issues of employing cleaners directly.

With Absolute Cleaning as your cleaning service provider, your school will benefit from our well-trained owner operators. The same people will take care of your school so you know them and they will understand your requirements.

Absolute Cleaning takes a caring and co-operative approach to our role in providing cleaning services to your school’s property maintenance programme.  Let Absolute Cleaning introduce your school to a better cleaning service carried out with a high degree of quality and attention to detail each time.

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning is environmentally sustainable cleaning.  It uses eco-friendly products and processes together with trained staff to clean a building whilst minimising the effect on the environment.  Absolute Cleaning uses eco-friendly chemicals, which are non-toxic, so are very safe to use around children.  We also utilise Microfibre cloths and mops which are a very efficient cleaning system for glass floors and hard surfaces.

Absolute Cleaning partners with our customers to follow environmentally sustainable practises. A Green Cleaning programme reduces your environmental footprint while providing a healthy and hygienic school for students and teachers.